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Under The Weather is a group collaboration through Texas A&M University with Walt Disney Animation Studios. I was part of a team of six people, responsible for leading story and rigging discussion and decisions. The direction for story we received from Disney was "Do something with a kite. It has to have two effects and be thirty seconds long." We had 10 weeks in which to complete our animation, I am responsible for rigging the kite and the main flower, and the animation of the kite in the cloud.

Baba Yaga is an augmented reality app that I made for VIZA 613, 3D Modeling and Animation, at Texas A&M University.
The theme was "nightmare," so I chose to do a piece on Baba Yaga, a slavic witch who eats children and any traveller who crosses her path and does not compete her impossible tasks with the utmost diligence and politeness. She travels around on a mortar using a pestle to paddle and steer, and she brushes away any trace of her magic that may remain after using a silver broom. Her house spins around on chicken legs so that no one may enter, and only she can command it to stop spinning and admit her entrance.
Everything was modeled, rigged, and animated in Autodesk Maya, and then textured and implemented in Unity. The house and mortar are called up with image targets that I created in photoshop and implemented using Vuforia.

The Five Centses is my submission for the 2014 Contemporary Animation Society 24-Hour Animation Festival at the Savannah College of Art and Design. It took roughly 5 hours to complete from start to finish using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Toon Boom Harmony. It won the Profesor's Choice Honorable Mention in the competition.

Shaw Active Sound is a trailer for the sound system in The Grand Cinema in Hong Kong that I made with several other students at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011. We pitched our storyboards to the company executives, and they liked my idea for equalizer bars. We modified the concept to better fit what they wanted, and they provided the sound. In the theater, the sound goes around the back of the theater and the seats rumble. I was a rigger, animator, and problem-solver on this project.

Exaggerated Sass Walk cycle is a cyclical study of a walk in high heels. I used Josh Sobel's Bonnie rig to animate, and reference from youtube of Ru Paul for the base walk. I added the heels to the boots of the rig for better foot positioning.

Let It Be is a study in sound and lighting design, seeing how the lighting can affect the mood and the sound can affect the atmosphere of the same objects in an image. I wanted to explore different stages of love: Love Budding (at a prom), Love Growing (at a wedding), and Love Grieving (at a funeral). The song Let It Be by the Beatles fits all of these scenarios, so I used it to connect the images through sound as well as the visual positioning of the objects in the pictures.

1, 2 Bug is an exploration in dynamic deformation. The antennae and belly are not keyframe animated, they follow the motion of the rig's animation due to soft body dynamics. I am responible for adding the dynamics to the rig, as well as the animation.

Nico - Coming Soon is a study of secondary motion using the Nico rig. I am responsible for the animation.

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Texas A&M University
MFA in Visualization - 2017

Savannah College of Art and Design
BFA in Animation, minor in Character Technical Direction - 2014

University of Toronto - Learn to Program: The Fundamentals - 2012
Rice University - Interactive Programming in Python - 2012

Software Knowledge:

Proficient in - Maya, Python, MEL, PyMEL, PyQT, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects
Experienced in - C++, Nuke, ZBrush, MotionBuilder, Unity, GIMP, ToonBoom Harmony
Knowledgeable of - Houdini, Mudbox, Blender, Vicon Blade, Massive

Work Experience:

MPC Techanim Artist - June 2018-Present
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
Detective Pikachu

Texas A&M University Instructor of Record
VIST 284 Visualization Techniques, Introduction to Maya - Fall 2015, 2016
~Taught undergraduate students an overview of the Maya animation pipeline
~Wrote syllabus, assignments, and lesson plans

Texas A&M University Graduate Teaching Assistant
ARTS 349 History of Modern Art - Spring 2015, Spring & Summer 2016
VIZA 613 3D Modeling and Animation - Fall 2015

CRLA-Certified Tutor - 2012-2014
Savannah College of Art and Design
~Aided students in understanding scripting, rigging, and general areas of Autodesk Maya

Jump Start Orientation Assistant of the Year - 2014
Jump Start Orientation Coordinator - 2013
Jump Start Orientation Assistant - 2010-2012
Savannah College of Art and Design
~Clearly communicated with incoming students who have disabilities
~Provided an understanding of the college’s counseling department and support network
~Monitored weekly meetings of a support group for students in the program

iD Tech Camps Lead Instructor - Summer 2014
iD Tech Camps Instructor - Summer 2012-2013
~Taught RPG Maker, LEGO Mindstorms, Maya, Hammer, Portal 2, Half Life 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, and other game modding software
~Adapted curriculum and lesson plans for ages 7-17 in classes of eight students
~Produced and participated in daily and overnight activities

Animation Hall of Fame - 2012-2013
Savannah International Animation Festival Volunteer

Savannah Film Festival - 2009-2012
Shift Leader Volunteer
~Coordinated volunteer positions and trained new volunteers on concessions and ushering
~Resolved any problems that arose, reported to higher authority for larger issues

SCAD Digital Media Club Officer - 2013-2014
Sketch Club President - 2010-2011